Carlos Ramirez is a fashion designer based in Miami. He is known for his wedding and evening gown collection, best summed up as a refined elegance with a bit of Latin excitement thrown in.

Rock Paper Photo

Rock Paper Photos is an online gallery where collectors as well as fans can go to discover photographers, browse and collect fine art, and connect with their favorite artists.


Hooperville is the interactive Web Home of the hooping performance artist Erika Fey aka the Mayor of Hooperville. You can schedule an event with her, or purchase merchandise from her website including hand made hula hoops.

Talking Muffin

The Talking Muffin is a family run bakery based out of Charlotte, North Carolina serving those in need of tasty treats.

Royal Palm Homes

Royal Palm Homes is a contracting company based out of Sarasota, Florida. They specialize in home restoration, remodeling, and hurricane protection.

Avi Scher & Dancers

Avi Scher & Dancers was formed in August of 2008 by emerging choreographer, Avichai Scher. His mission is to build a young audience for neo classical and contemporary ballet by presenting top quality dancers in new works, in small venues.

Soroka Violins

Rachael Soroka specializes in the repair, restoration, and maintenance of the violin family instruments: Violin, Viola, Cello and Bass.

Dandelion Collective

Dandelion Collective is a community collaboration collective of talented, creative people in South Florida that dedicate love and efforts to a worthwhile cause.